Crunching Crocodile Game

Crunching Crocodile Game

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Avoid becoming the Crazy Croc's lunch in the Crunching Crocodile Game.

In this fast moving game, each player takes it in turn to control the croc while the others control the frogs sitting on a lily pad. Each frog has five 'lives', represented by coloured cards which are laid out in front of the player with the 'munched' picture faced down.

Now it's 'Munchtime for the Croc'. The croc player turns over the playing cards one by one – antelope and hippo, elephant and rhino – but look out, here's the croc! When this card appears, it's scramble time.

The croc man tries to be first so that he can munch all the frogs, the frog players try desperately to get off the lily pad before they get munched – absolute mayhem!

The winner of the game is the player with the last surviving frog. Can you outwit the croc in this exciting electronic game? 

A great gift for ages four and up. Please note: 2 x AA batteries are required.


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